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Our Vision

iPraxis works to inspire middle school aged students in underserved Philadelphia communities to explore science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) by connecting them with professional scientists and providing hands-on learning experiences.

Our commitment to STEM education is the foundation of our programs and initiatives. We believe all students, regardless of their backgrounds, should be given the opportunity to learn how to investigate, problem solve, and create by putting their ideas into action. iPraxis brings together experts and students to explore how STEM is fundamental to everyday living and our future well-being -- from protecting the environment to curing illnesses.


Through in-class mentoring, project-based learning, science fairs, and after-school programs, our iPraxis volunteers (Scienteers) help to increase knowledge and understanding of STEM subjects and the opportunities they provide.

School Year ​2017-2018

Are you a STEM professional, researcher, student or enthusiast looking for a fulfilling volunteer opportunity? With a commitment of only two hours a week for 10-12 weeks you can change the lives of Philadelphia middle school students by sharing your knowledge and experience to guide them in their science projects starting this fall.



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"You made it fun and easy for me to learn. Thank you for helping me with my science fair project and I hope you come back next year!"

- 7th Grade Student to a Scienteer

"I cannot express my gratitude to iPraxis. I don't think I would have been able to do a science fair without them!"

- 6th Grade Science Teacher, Jose Ramos
Cook-Wissahickon Elementary School